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Who we are: Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, Worthy is an online auction (C2B) marketplace for pre-owned jewelry that is disrupting a traditional industry through technology by bringing together supply-side consumers and demand-side wholesalers to facilitate frictionless trading at fair market value.

Consumer: We cater to a high-end female consumer, predominantly age 30-65. We divide our consumer base into three segments: -The Divorcee: Our primary consumer! Age 30-65. Recently divorced (within the last 2 years). Looking to restart and reinvent herself. Needs a safe and hassle-free way to sell her engagement ring at the highest possible value.

-The Inheritor: Aged 65+. Has inherited high-value estate jewelry. Needs to sell an individual piece from the inheritance, or would like to sell several as a high-value bundle (aka a “Jewelry Box”).

-The Flipper: Age 50+. Has acquired several high-value pieces over time. High income, high net worth individual. Looking to sell infrequently-worn pieces to replace with new high-value pieces.

However,we are especially interested, in collaborating with businesses, entities and people that fall into some or all of the following categories/characteristics: -At least 50% female audience -High HHI audience -Shopping/Retail sites (especially with an audience of mothers with young children, single moms) -Health & Wellness -Self-love/Self-discovery and Mindfulness -Personal Finance, Financial Independence -Dating & Relationships -Home & Travel -Parenting .
Enables competitive bidding, providing a financially responsible solution achieving an -85% success rate closing auctions -A win for the sellers while giving the buyers (professional jewelers) from around the country daily opportunities to fulfill their inventory needs -From diamonds and watches to all items in the jewelry box .

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